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Cody Cole

It’s safe to say that Cody is the right person to call when it comes to improving your business. Experience as an owner, head of sales, chief of marketing, lead recruiter and systems creator and trainer has given Cody the insight and business awareness to help others avoid many of the pitfalls of owning and running a company.

“I’ve worn every hat you can wear! HR, Recruiting, Sales Manager, Lead Trainer, Bookkeeper, Web Designer, Branding and Marketing. I have written copy, created funnels, hired and fired and just about everything else you can think of for small business. Almost more important than any 1 skill I have learned is this; knowing the how and the why is only useful if you are ready to TAKE ACTION. Let me help you shorten your learning curve and increase your profitability. 

Custom Tailored

Solutions For Your Business

Colebiz offers a full array of customized solutions for businesses helping to relieve the burden, leaving you more time to focus and succeed on growing your business.

Services Include:

Business System

A top down analysis of your complete business. We deliver a “3 A Day” action plan to take control of the areas of greatest potential growth and steps to mitigate areas of waste and lost ROI. 

SolarPal – Energy 


Custom tailored energy and tax planning for home or business owners.  Whether you want to improve your home or you are looking for a complete business or utility solar solution we can help. 

LeadPal – Lead Gen

Selecting the best entity for your business geared towards minimizing your tax exposure & risk.

HomePal – Total Home

Complete customized business solutions for your business including preparation to financial statements, annualized tax returns, administrative services & payroll management.

Marketing Review

Providing clients with comprehensive tax planning and tax preparation services through careful planning. Ensuring that the client’s tax exposure and liabilities are minimized and never become a burden

Sales & Training Review

Should you find yourself in tax trouble, an ala carte service can be offered to intervene and help coordinating payment plans, releasing levies, or handling multiple years of unfiled tax returns.

Hear From People

Who Have Worked With Code Cole

Joseph Loomis
Multi-Millionaire Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthropist

Peter has worked closely along with me as I scaled my software company from its infant stages into a multimillion-dollar corporation. Peter was instrumental in overseeing the financials for the company and also critical in helping our sale to a publicly-traded company

Josh Gayman
Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Author, Online Personality, Entrepreneur

I’ve built my extremely successful real estate investment portfolio using Peter’s guidance and expertise and through his structure and his implementation guidance bolted on multiple multi-million-dollar companies

Len Hayko
Serial Entrepreneur, Millionaire Investor, Founder Of Two Multi-Million-Dollar Franchises

Peter has helped me multiply my fitness industry dominance by franchising the concept thereby exploding my results and market share. This has allowed me to dive into many new endeavors while confidently making sound financial decisions

Tony Arme
One Of The Top Authorities In The World For Hotrods & Muscle Cars, Entrepreneur, Investor

I’ve been fortunate enough to have met Peter all the way back in high school. He helped encourage and guide me into starting my own business of world class hot rod automotive custom building which has turned into one of the best shops in the world, creating a 2 year back log of custom projects for millionaires and professional athletes.

Oggie Penev
Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur

Starting from humble beginnings, Peter was my financial compass to grow and scale my real estate empire to over 16MM in annual sales while building a personal investment portfolio generating millions in wealth for my family

George Jovanovic
Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur, Commercial And Residential Real Estate Investor, Owner Of A Leading Construction Company In Arizona

I have worked with Peter from the beginning when I first started my company in the bedroom of my house, over 13 years ago. Since then, Peter has been by my side helping shape and grow what is now one of the most successful construction and plumbing companies in my area. Peter has been an invaluable resource and has always provided sound financial advice with long term strategies for controlled, steady growth, year over year. Peter helped me build my companies from their early stages into the multi-million-dollar empire it is today.

‘Livin’ the dream’

With Cody Cole

Peter is best described as being a passionate provider of tax, consulting and accounting services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. He has a special place in his heart for real estate related industries. As a real estate investor himself, his strategies are not only tried and tested but the same techniques he uses personally, so you can rest easy knowing he practices what he preaches.

His objective is centered around minimizing liability exposure and risk for clients while creating a lifelong relationship. Working with Peter will not only help free your much-needed time and give you the chance to focus on other areas of growing your business but his expertise and guidance will help you to achieve your dreams by doing what he does best.

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Cody Cole